Water-witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers) is a public art project in the community of Quarry Park in Calgary, Alberta, developed and curated by Calgary-based artists Alana Bartol and Sarah Nordean. The project began with an artist-led workshop and walk that invited the public to explore the community Quarry Park through dowsing. Following the walk, 5 Calgary-based artists and the workshop participants were invited to create small artworks to be hidden in Quarry Park in June 2017. 

Artworks by: Ashley BedetElisa Fernandez-Leon, Terrance Houle, Pamela Krowicki, Bryce Krynski (BLK), Jenne Newman,  Ruby Planidin, Nikki Reimer, Patty Amestica, and Sean Taal

Water-witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers) was commissioned by the City of Calgary’s Public Art Program. Learn more on this website and plan your visit to Quarry Park to find the artworks.